A bit about myself

My name is Alaric von Teplitz and someone once told me that I'm the second most interesting man in the world. (The first, of course, being the esteemed Dos Equis guy.) What they meant, is that I have a ton of interests, which tend to land me in a variety of situations and acquaint me with all sorts of characters.

As a child I became interested in video games. That led to me becoming a gaming journalist — writing about PC games. That, in turn led to working for one of the gaming industry's major players for a period of time. Right now I co-own a small indie studio, which I'm hoping will release a few fun little games in the foreseeable future. In my spare time I sometimes make small web games, mostly just for fun. I also keep a list of all the games that I've beaten, all the beta tests I've been in and more.

Gaming also caused me to get interested in computers. That led to a career in software and web development. I've worked at small design shops, a bank, a major university, and a major TV company. At some point I did a lot of work in C# and ASP.Net, but now I focus on JavaScript development and work with Node.js for the most part. As of late I've been also looking into TypeScript and at the moment I use Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Technology is great, but I am also fascinated with History, so I went and got a degree (with a minor in Anthropology) just for fun. Although I like to learn as much as possible about everything, I'm most curious about medieval European and particularly English history, as well as Ancient Roman and Russian history. I'm by no means an expert, but I try to read as much as I can and watch scientific and educational shows as I come across them.

Another interest of mine is weapons and all things military. When I was younger I served in the USMC. It's been a while, but I'm still a reasonably good shot with a rifle and a pistol, of which I own several. In addition to firearms I've spent some years studying the longsword and these days enjoy moderate success at keeping in shape.

These are just a few of my interests, and, of course, I'm also partial to music, art, science, literature, travels, and a lot more... but since I'm not yet writing a biography I'll just stop here.